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" Before coming to Dr. Livingston, I had sustained a serious injury to my neck. I had surgery that fused the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th vertebrae. My first vertebrae was crushed but was left alone so I would be able to nod my head. I was told that the best percentage I would ever have on both sides was 80%. As time went by I had more pain in my head and neck and it was hard for me to do my stretching exercises and I began to lose what mobility I had. I began to get depressed and the cycle began that the more pain and stiffness I had, the more energy I lost and became isolated and worse. When I finally took action to see Dr. Livingston had come highly recommended by a friend, I could only move my head to the left 25% and my right 31%. My world had become so small and I was not able to do many activities that I usually enjoyed like gardening. It had even become dangerous to drive.

From my very first appointment, Dr. Livingston and staff were so kind and Dr. Livingston studied my X-Rays and gave me hope that I would be able to move my neck and begin to enjoy life again and be able to do the activities I liked. He outlined a program of recovery and I left his office with the wonderful feeling that there was someone who was going to help me. My mood lifted immediately.

I went through 3 months of treatment using De-compression which was a miracle for me. I could hold my head up and my neck looked even longer. With each treatment session, the pain I was experiencing began to lessen. I started up my exercises again and soon I could see to each side so much better. When Dr. Livingston measured me for my progress recently, my mobility had increased to 70% on the right side and 50 on the left. I had doubled my movement from where I started. I'm happy now with my life, I can garden and be more active, I can turn my head enough to breathe to swim, I can see easily to see the cars when turning and I am not afraid to jump in and enjoy my life.

All through this process, I was encouraged and felt cared for from Dr. Livingston and his skilled and friendly staff. They all shared my excitement about my progress. I do consider this a miracle to have a future that looks bright. I give great thanks and gratitude to Dr. Livingston who combined great skill and experience with a kind heart."
   - Kitty McWilliams

"I had been suffering from sciatica for years but never did much about it. I just thought it would eventually go away (wrong). I went to see a physical therapist and that helped a little but not for long. Then when I was out taking a walk with my grandson, I slipped on a wet bridge ramp and fell. I fell on my bottom so I figured I would just be a little sore from overextending some of my thigh muscles. I started having a tingling down my left leg, which I thought would go away after a while. It didn’t. I also had pain down my right leg (which I had before the fall.) I decided it was time to call Dr. Livingston, who had been recommended by a friend. I met with him and he had me get x-rays of my back. We discussed treatment options and I decided to go with the decompression treatment even thought it is not covered by insurance. I wanted to get to the root of the problem, not just treat the symptoms. I am so glad I went that route! After the first treatment, I started noticing an improvement. I signed up for the 12 treatment package and each time I went I felt better than before. By the end of the 12 treatments, I had no tingling in my left leg and no pain down my right leg. I was amazed and so grateful! I wish I had gone to see Dr. Livingston years ago.

Dr. Livingston is very professional but also makes you feel at ease and comfortable while receiving treatments. His staff is very friendly and willing to assist and answer any questions you may have. I would definitely recommend Dr. Livingston in a heartbeat. "
  - E.S.

"It has been over a year since my decompression therapy was completed at Livingston Chiropratic and the pain from my compressed and bulging discs has never returned. The pain used to be the first thing that I experienced when I got out of bed in the morning. Back then gravity was not my friend! Treatment on the decompression machine is not painful - in fact, it's very relaxing. I fell asleep many times while laying on the padded table during my sessions. I am so grateful to be free of that pain and would recommend the decompression therapy to anyone with damaged discs."   - Pat S.

"Dr. John Livingston is an exceptionally good chiropractor. He has helped me enormously and has certainly increased my flexibility. As a high-impact athlete, I’ve been injured numerous times, and Dr. Livingston has fixed me each time. I highly recommend him. David Rust, Chagrin Falls, Ohio"   - David Rust

"Thanks for keeping me dancing!"   - Trudy

"Dr. J, Thanks for fixing my long time knee problem. I was really concerned about my knees but they are great now! You are the best!!!"    - Wes W.

Dr. Livingston,

I must apologize to you for taking so long to send my testimony regarding the wonderful care in which I received in your office.

As you know, I have a herniated disc which caused me to seek you out.  I am a 63 year young woman :), and, other than the back issue, consider myself to be in good health.  I recently retired from Oakland, California and relocated to Cleveland, Ohio in April 2011. While in California, I had been under the care of another chiropractor since 2003 in which I received monthly adjustments which kept me with minimal pain. I knew that I needed to locate another chiropractor in Cleveland, but kept putting it off until, unfortunately, I was in a crises situation with such excruciating back pain that I could barely walk and I was feeling constant pain which had me close to tears.

My first introduction to your office was the greeting which I received from your support staff on the telephone when I called to schedule an appointment.  I was able to get an appointment the same day that I called and I must say, the rest is history.  When I came into the office for that first appointment, your staff greeted me and made me feel welcome. They were friendly and professional, and I felt comfortable immediately.  I also noticed that the other patients that came into the office were well received by your staff.  Additionally, I observed that your office also had a warm atmosphere, with state of the art equipment, and, although large and open, also has an option of privacy for the patients.

When I met you, Dr. Livingston, I found your "bedside manner" to be simply wonderful! Despite the pain, I felt immediately at ease when I met you and you discussed my back issues as well as the proposed immediate treatment.  Your expertise and compassionate spirit were evident in what you verbalized as well as your adjustments which gave me instant relief...OMG...they were awesome!  It is clear that you also continue to learn and seek out information on assisting your patients to maximize their health potential.  Dr. Livingston, I am delighted that I met you and have become one of your patients.  I plan to continue to be under your care in the future.  I thank you, kindly.

Very Truly,

- Roz W.

I am honored that Dr. Livingston has asked me to give a testimonial for his practice. He is truly one of the most gifted and talented physicians that I have ever encountered. Amongst chiropractic physicians, he has no peers. It is difficult to know where to start this testimonial as Dr. Livingston’s impact on my life and the lives of my family and friends has been profound.  However, there are two stories  in particular about my interaction with Dr. Livingston that perhaps  best exemplify his incredible abilities.

I had been a chiropractic patient for a number of years when I first went to Dr. Livingston for help. I went to him because I had an upper back problem for over two years that was negatively impacting every aspect of my life. All efforts to treat the problem had failed. Dr. Livingston took the time to listen to my complaints and assess my physical condition. He then sat me down on the floor and grabbed my elbows. With one swift and painless movement the problem that I had suffered with for two years was gone. It never came back. It was truly the most  remarkable experience I had ever had with a physician.

My daughter was suffering from severe gastrointestinal problems. She was in pain and was losing weight.  She had been to our family doctor, a gastroenterologist, and a well known multi-disciplinary medical facility. She underwent scopes, scans and a many  other  diagnostic tests. Her problems went undiagnosed, and as a result ineffectively treated, for well over a year. She e-mailed Dr. Livingston and explained the history of her complaints. He invited her to his office where he spent over 3 hours with her. He diagnosed her problem and treated it. Within a few short weeks the problem was gone! She got her life back. For this I can never re-pay him.