Chronic Pain
Livingston Chiropractic Group helps with Chronic Pain

Livingston Chiropractic handles a wide array of injuries, including those resulting from sports, repetitive stress and automobile accidents, and its specialists are certified under the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation to treat work-related injuries. You can also visit the center if you’re suffering from other issues, such as tendonitis, arthritis, scoliosis or muscle spasms in the spine or limbs.

“Many times a medical doctor will write you a prescription for the inflammation or pain, but they won’t get to what the problem actually is,” Dr. Livingston explains. “We stress addressing and assessing the problem before we start to work on it.”

“The combination of chiropractic, pain management and massage therapy gives us an advantage,” Dr. Livingston says. “We have multiple specialists who can address the problem under one roof.”

Dr. Livingston also works with surgeons in a variety of circumstances. “Say a patient came in and had fallen down the stairs and torn a tendon,” Dr. Livingston explains. “The surgeon would repair the tendon, and then we could help the patient to rehabilitate.”

Many times, even with proper treatment a patient is unable to heal due to the consequences of a poor diet. That’s why Dr. Livingston actively incorporates health and wellness into treatments through general nutritional counseling. This gets patients on track in providing their bodies the nutrients necessary to heal their injuries. Furthermore, Dr. Livingston provides this counseling for weight-loss and body-cleansing purposes, as well as to prevent potential future injuries. “We make sure that the health is there and that the body can handle what they want to do with it,” Dr. Livingston says.