Medical Services

Pain Management
With a Medical Doctor on the premises, Livingston Chiropractic can help you create a pain management regime that will serve to effectively reduce the pain, inflammation, and muscle spasms that may be associated with your condition.   Dr. Hyo H. (Paul) Kim, M.D. serves patients in this capacity.  He has practiced medicine in the State of Ohio for more than 23 years, and treated tens of thousands of patients, often assisting them with the elimination of the need for addictive narcotic medications so that, they may return to normal function. 

Dr. Livingston will order a pain management consultation and evaluation with Dr. Kim if he finds that your injuries are acute, such that you are having troubles working, sleeping, or performing other activities of daily living.  Patients who have suffered with chronic pain and disability for many months or even years may also benefit from a pain management program that has been directed by Dr. Kim, so that the pain may be reduced sufficiently enough for the patient to undergo physical medicine protocols such as chiropractic care, physical therapy and rehabilitation.  Additionally, Dr. Kim is also certified to perform electrodiagnostic testing (EMG - electromyograms, and NCS - nerve conduction studies) in the office to more thoroughly and accurately diagnose your condition as part of your treatment regimen.

Physical Therapy
Do you have a chronic injury? Were you hurt in an accident or at work? The doctors at Livingston Chiropractic can help you create a physical therapy regime to come back from many injuries. Three phases of spine or joint rehabilitation include stretching, strengthening and endurance exercises to elongate muscles, tendons and ligaments, and to stabilize musculoskeletal tissues that have been injured.  The initial phase of therapy often requires reduction of pain and inflammation; passive therapeutic modalities such as interferential electrotherapy, ultrasound, infrared/cold powerlaser, intersegmental traction, paraffin baths, hydrocollators and cryotherapy will be applied to accomplish these goals.  The second phase of rehabilitation includes the use of passive and active stretching to improve joint ranges of motion which have been compromised when muscles and ligaments shorten and tighten within the first few weeks after an injury.   Finally, active strengthening with therapy bands, hand and ankle weights and proprioceptive/balance and core training will provide the final stability needed to complete the healing process.  We will use a recumbent bicycle, treadmill, cross-training or hand bike to facilitate warm-ups and cool-downs during the process, allowing for the patient's cardiovascular fitness to be addressed during the process.

NCS/EMG-Nerve Conduct Studies
If you are suffering with pain, numbness or weakness in an arm or leg, one of the diagnostic procedures that may be ordered by Dr. Livingston is a nerve conduction study/electromyogram.

This test confirms whether there has been any damage to the nervous system as a result of acute or chronic pressure on nerve endings. If a nerve has been pinched, it may begin to "short circuit" and cause numbness or loss of strength in the arm or leg, which indicates the need for treatment.

Dr.Livingston will work with your medical provider or refer you to a specialist to obtain this analysis.

Ask Dr. Livingston how he can help you to finally correct and remove health issues that have been bothering you for years, and that have affected your vitality and energy - the answer is exciting!!